Here’s a project – I’ll create a list of things that make me happy, of positive aspects in my life, random acts of kindness, and whenever I log in on my WordPress account, I’ll add one point to this collection. Deal?
(I totally forgot about this page, however I’ll try to return to it more often. Sounds like a new deal.)

  1. Naps. Do I have to say more? Just sleeping for an hour or so in the afternoon, without feeling stressed or pressured to do anything. Great. I live for naps.
  2. Chocolate. No more words needed.
  3. Kind strangers. People who don’t really have to treat me nicely but still do it.
  4. The sky is probably the best part about autumn, I love dusk equally as dawn, I love the colours when the sun appears and vanishes again, seeing the moon greeting the night and telling its own tales. I’m so in love with the sky.
  5. Compliments for my writing are definitely one of the best.
  6. How precious are people who make you laugh, laugh a lot?
  7. Nice, unexpected words
  8. Scandinavia. I love Scandinavia so much.
  9. Board games!
  10. Once a week I get to watch a beautiful sky and the setting sun while doing my favourite sport and I just love it so so much
  11. Summer. Summersummersummersummersummer.