dear december

Dear December, I think it is safe to say that you are a special month for a lot of people, and many of them probably consider you as their favourite one. Regardless of the snow, the cold and the darkness you have got in your trail I have always been fascinated by you as well. … More dear december


Here’s the thing – the universe doesn’t care about us. We are just such a small part in something with such gigantic extent we will never be able to understand anyways. How utterly brazen is the thought that the earth, a tiny planet in a huge solar system which is just another insignificantly small part … More universe

a book that has ruined my life in the best way possible

Have I ever mentioned how much I love books? Well, now I have, and there is one book that has occupied a special place in my heart, next to all my favourite young adult fantasy novels – Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe. I stumbled across this beautiful work of art as … More a book that has ruined my life in the best way possible

fantastic beasts and where to find them – an opinion (spoiler-free!)

Let’s get this out of the way first – I am a huge Harry Potter fan. The books accompanied my childhood, I grew up with Harry, and I’ve loved the story, the characters, basically the whole universe ever since I first came in touch with it. As a giant book nerd, watching the movie adaptations always was … More fantastic beasts and where to find them – an opinion (spoiler-free!)

soul cleansing

After a week full of chores, stress, spending hours and hours sitting inside a room, bad air and too much noise I need some time to recharge, to leave my everyday surroundings, to give my body some rest. As the clouds deigned to part for the sun today I decided to walk along a creak … More soul cleansing


It was only today when I realised how much writing means to me. I was obligated to write an essay, about a topic I did not really know what to do with. The whole task I had to work on seemed a bit odd, and when I first started it I lacked motivation. But as … More writing

comfort food

Have I ever complained about winter? I think I did, and now I’m forced to accept that summer has finally left for autumn, and it feels like winter is just around the corner. And as the days get darker and colder, my mood drops as well, it darkens with less sunrays to light it up again. … More comfort food

you’re here

I love music. What a surprise, who doesn’t? But that’s not the topic I’d like to address today. I wanted to use this wonderful Monday to tell you about my love for Mhokomo. In the glorious summer of 2014 I discovered Fewjar and learned to adore their music, their music videos and their YouTube channel. … More you’re here