“This break I’ll use my time well and get things done. Read. Draw. Maybe edit that video. Be productive!” That’s at least what I told myself until I discovered Skam, thanks to a fan-edit on YouTube. Instead of going to sleep I started watching the first season of this utterly amazing Norwegian TV-series, binge watched the … More Skam

fantastic beasts and where to find them – an opinion (spoiler-free!)

Let’s get this out of the way first – I am a huge Harry Potter fan. The books accompanied my childhood, I grew up with Harry, and I’ve loved the story, the characters, basically the whole universe ever since I first came in touch with it. As a giant book nerd, watching the movie adaptations always was … More fantastic beasts and where to find them – an opinion (spoiler-free!)

you’re here

I love music. What a surprise, who doesn’t? But that’s not the topic I’d like to address today. I wanted to use this wonderful Monday to tell you about my love for Mhokomo. In the glorious summer of 2014 I discovered Fewjar and learned to adore their music, their music videos and their YouTube channel. … More you’re here

new food

Do you know that feeling when you’re kind of hungry, but not sure what you want? When every food you think of just doesn’t meet your wishes? Well, I do, and I know that it might be an example of a first world problem, but I didn’t come here to complain about not knowing what to … More new food