a love letter

While I keep longing for the sun, waiting for her to caress me with her comforting rays, I forget that she is so out of my league. She is beautiful beyond a doubt, but in such a cruel way, burning me whenever I try to comprehend her irresistible grace with my own eyes. And while … More a love letter


Here’s the thing – the universe doesn’t care about us. We are just such a small part in something with such gigantic extent we will never be able to understand anyways. How utterly brazen is the thought that the earth, a tiny planet in a huge solar system which is just another insignificantly small part … More universe


What if unicorns had existed in the past and we just haven’t found any signs yet? What if fairies lived in the forests and we just haven’t met one yet? What if rabbits and foxes got along well with each other regardless of race and species and we are just too blind to realize it?

the wolf [WIP]

I thought trying out dotwork could be a fun idea. It is, but quite exhausting after three animal heads. Anyways, as I like the results I don’t regret spending quite a lot of time on them. This time I’ve captured some steps. (how exciting)