Lübeck & Travemünde (travel diary-ish 2)

I would have actually been surprised if documenting this little journey went as I had planned it, but due to a tragic lack of WiFi I was somehow significantly less motivated to write future posts. But as I’m now back home and have a lot of spare time I will just use this blog as an excuse to sift through my photos. Great.

After leaving Hamburg we stayed a couple of days in Lübeck, used our time to stroll through the (luckily) sunlit city and visited Travemünde, a part of Lübeck situated by the Baltic Sea.

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I’m kind of annoyed at myself that I didn’t bring my camera, because Lübeck has some really pretty corners and I can understand why the entire old town is considered a World Heritage by the UNESCO. We were lucky enough to stumble across a little market where they also sold food where I grabbed a Langos and ice cream afterward. (Is it “a Langos”? And why do I have to eat hungarian food while staying in Germany?)
Also Travemünde is really worth a visit, there is a street along the shore / the harbour with little shops and some restaurants and you can find the iconic beach chairs that seem to be everywhere by the Baltic Sea.


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