happy pride month

First of all: a happy sort of belated Pride Month to all of you.
Secondly: I am so sorry, disappointed and frustrated that Pride Month still has to be a thing. Because it shouldn’t be. Not in the 21st century.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that at least some countries have come as far as accepting the LGBTQIA+ enough to tolerate parades and other events, showing support and granting members more rights. But thinking about it, isn’t it sad that these points mentioned feel like achievements? When did heterosexual people have to fight for more rights they didn’t have, because they were straight? When did cisgender people had to fear persecution, because they were cis?
For some people, June is pride month, but the rest of the year is dedicated to the heterosexual cisgender population. Is it too much to ask to include the LGBT+ community to these eleven months? To create a world where Pride isn’t necessary, because neither sexuality nor gender that “do not fit the norm” are considered a problem, an abnormality which can’t be tolerated, something to be afraid of, or disgusted by? A world where nobody has to be made aware of certain sexualities or gender identities, because they are already educated on that topic and know that sexualities and genders can be located on a spectrum and not two opposite sites? A world where not a single human being has to fear for their life because of the person they love or what they identify as?

But until we are living in such a place, happy Pride Month to all of you! To a future when there is no need to tell you to stay safe, because you already are.


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