a love letter

While I keep longing for the sun, waiting for her to caress me with her comforting rays, I forget that she is so out of my league. She is beautiful beyond a doubt, but in such a cruel way, burning me whenever I try to comprehend her irresistible grace with my own eyes.
And while I am attempting to win her for me, I omit your existence.
You, who might not be as stunningly bright as your beloved  sister, the star our lives revolve around, but who is tuniverse - moonhere for me regardless of my ignorance. Whereas the sun’s beauty is too bright to behold, yours is calmer, more subtle; not less fascinating, however. You are the firm rock opposing the fiery glory, the serene sea after a storm. And I want you to know that I do not love you any less, that I will always remember the comfort you offer me when you look back at my direct stare, no matter whether I will look at you again tomorrow or a month later.

[This text was originally meant to be an Instagram caption but turned out to be longer than intended, so I figured I could post it on here as well.]


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