unskippable ♫

Sometimes while listening to music I just don’t seem to find the right song for my mood and I end up skipping a ridiculous amount of numbers in my library. However, there are a couple of them which I could always listen to, which always appear to fit.
Being the indecisive person I am I can’t pick favourites, but I’d like to introduce you to ten songs that resemble the greeting of a friend who I haven’t met in a long time, songs which are a pleasant surprise in a blurry mess of music.

In Between Parables – Fewjar [listen]
I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t ranted about Fewjar on here already, because their music occupies a special place in my heart. If I had to pick a favourite album of theirs (please don’t make me) I’d probably choose Until because every song on it is beyond amazing and deserves so much more recognition. As soon as I think of In Between Parables my brain starts singing “stop gathering shards” and won’t stop for an hour, so I feel the obligation to share it.

High Heels To Hell – Bonaparte [listen]
Bonaparte is without a doubt another favourite band (which isn’t even a “real” band) of mine. They are actually the first interpret I have seen live which makes them even more special to me. I adore their music style which doesn’t fit into one genre, the way they present themselves. In my opinion their album Sorry We’re Open is a work of art and High Heels To Hell just speaks to me on several levels.

Message Man – Twenty One Pilots [listen]
Is it just me or is Message Man seriously underrated? It just has its own drive which makes it super catchy, I love Tyler’s rapping and the lyrics. Also my mind was blown when I first discovered the comma between “message” and “man”.

To The End – My Chemical Romance [listen]
My inner edgelord forced me to mention MCR. I honestly could have picked a few other songs by them but I’m still impressed by the percussion in the background, even though I still haven’t figured out what exactly amazes me so much about the drums here. Again, the drive really grips me and is one of the reasons why I love this song.

Air Catcher – Twenty One Pilots [listen]
Is it the lyrics, the music, an unintelligible combination which makes me so enthusiastic about this song? It doesn’t really matter, it just makes me rather emotional (their entire self titled album does, to be honest). Safe to say, Twenty One Pilots are one of my favourite bands and I’m beyond glad that I had the chance to see them last year.

Golden – Fall Out Boy [listen]
I still want to learn how to play this on the piano. Have you ever listened closely and realised how beautiful the piano accompaniment is? Compared to other songs of them it is incredibly calm and feels more thoughtful which is something I really appreciate. (It also makes me imagine a way too dramatic music video.)

Out Of Control – Bonaparte [listen]
A great song with an equally good music video, which is probably not a masterpiece concerning the production, but encourages the viewer to think. The beat also makes it a horrible earworm.

Heart Of Gold – Johnny Cash [listen]
To be honest, this is the only Johnny Cash song I know but I really liked it the first time I heard it last summer. I guess it’s the guitar at the beginning that did it for me. Somehow it reminds me of campfires and late summer nights. Don’t ask me why.

Here Goes Nothing – Never Shout Never [listen]
Somehow my Spotify shuffle mode hardly ever decides to play this song, however, I am even more delighted when it actually comes on. I discovered Never Shout Never last summer and listened to Recycled Youth quite often while drawing, and I like being remembered of lonely nights spent in the company of brushes and paper.

Talk Show Host – Radio Head [listen]
I entirely blame Skam for making me obsessed with this song. If you’ve seen season three you know which scene I mean (which could be considered one of the best slo-mo scenes in recent TV history). To me, it is a beautiful song with great lyrics connected to an incredible show.

I could have chosen many other songs, this is just a small selection of favourites that never fail to lift my spirits a little higher for different reasons, so I can only make a heartfelt recommendation to check them out. Maybe tell me about your opinion of them if you did? Which songs could you never skip? Feel free to introduce me to your favourite music.

(As most of these songs don’t have official music videos, I put a link to them on Spotify, if you want to check them out immediately.)



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