One year ago I made the best decision concerning my nutrition so far – I decided to go vegetarian. I haven’t eaten meat in a year and I don’t miss or regret anything about it.

After I had been toying with the thought for a while I decided to give vegetarianism a week, to check if I could actually do it, if I was able to come up with enough recipes for myself and actually prepare them. “Calling it a test week”, I thought “It doesn’t feel like something definite. I can back out of it after seven days.” But that week turned into a month, and I added eleven more without hesitating.
I had wanted to reduce my meat consumption for a while as I hadn’t really enjoyed the taste any longer and it had felt wrong to stuff down pieces of a dead animal, but I had been so used to it that I hadn’t been sure if I’d manage to cut meat out of my life overnight.
However, it was unexpectedly easy. Of course I had to adjust my cooking habits, find alternatives to chicken curries or beef with gravy, especially as I’ve never been a fan of tofu which is probably one of the first foods associated with vegetarians. Additionally, I had to learn a lot about cooking in general, develop a feel for ingredients and how to combine them, figure out which ones work together best. It was sort of an adventurous kitchen learning process, but an exciting one that I learned to enjoy and love.

I was determined not to give up, my failures (which consist(ed) mainly of indefinable messes that I intended to be some sort of patties) were outweighed by successful meals that left me satisfied and with the positive feeling that my decision was right.
My cooking skills have improved a lot during that year, my diet is pretty versatile and I really like my more or less improvised dishes.

To finish this post I want to contemplate its purpose – is it to convince others to become a vegetarian as well?
All I wanted to express is how easy it actually was for me to do without meat. The only regret I have is that I didn’t try to go vegetarian earlier as I stumbled across so many new recipes as well as foods that I had never tried before. I feel better eating now than ever before and I enjoy the process of consuming food. Here’s to another year as a vegetarian.

(By the way, the burger on the featured image was a incredibly tasty homemade creation consisting of a chickpea-mushroom patty, salad, cucumbers, tomatoes and selfmade bread, a straight 10/10. But I shouldn’t have eaten three of them.)



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