Here’s a confession – I’m a horrible sweets junkie, a chocolate addict, a cookie fanatic, a cake enthusiast. My sweet tooth is ridiculously distinctive and I need my daily dose of sugar to function.

That’s why I want to go without sweets for the next 40 days. Choosing the season of Lent doesn’t have a religious background, but it serves as a good excuse for why I am doing it. And I probably will have to use it more often than I would like – refusing a piece of chocolate or baked goods will get hard for me, but I’m determined to see it through.
Do I have to write about it? Definitely, for the same reason that I told quite a few people in my surroundings. Giving up will be so much harder if people know about my “experiment”, admitting my failure not only to myself but to family and friends isn’t something I enjoy doing. So that’s why I am sharing it online – this serves as a place where I have to justify myself to myself.

The amounts of sweets I consume some days can’t be healthy in the long run, and I kind of want to check if I can go without stuffing myself with sugary goods for a longer period of time, test my self control. Also I’m pretty curious if it has some effect on my skin and body.

Is anyone out there fasting as well? Or do you have any tips on how to overcome one’s chocolate addiction?


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