I remember myself optimistically planning to write more on here, and now look at me, I’m less productive than ever before and feel guilty about it, but instead of blogging again I just keep suppressing these thoughts.

So what happened? I probably sound way too dramatic here, especially because I don’t have an explanation for my slump. (Even though I felt quite similar to when I wrote this post.) Anyways, I had to force myself to do the things I usually love doing. Making myself pick up some brushes and a pencil seemed just as hard as reading a few pages, while resting on my couch and refreshing Instagram for the tenth time appeared to be so much more comfortable. Again, I reached what I call the third step of procrastination – postponing activities I actually enjoy which I’d do instead of mandatory tasks.
“I can’t start painting now, I have more important stuff to do, I’ll put my phone away in five minutes. I’m not feeling like *insert more or less creative activity here* anyway”, is what I kept telling myself. But that’s wrong. I never “feel like it”. The thing is, that I will do as soon as I start.

These are just bad excuses. I have the time for blogging, I just need to take that time. And I will do just that in the next weeks. Even if I have to force myself to sit down and write a post I’ll do it more often, because in the end I always find myself enjoying it. The same principle applies to everything else mentioned above. My problem isn’t that I’ve stopped caring about my hobbies, I just have to fight the part of me which makes me stay in my lazy mindset and convinces me that slouching about is more enjoyable.

Is there any reason behind writing that post? Indeed, as it just seemed important to me. I’ve been putting off writing for far too long and just picking up from where I left didn’t feel right. I had to explain myself to me, I need some space to promise myself that I will stop procrastinating so much and return to the activities which leave me being happier and satisfied. No lame excuses anymore. Promise.


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