“This break I’ll use my time well and get things done. Read. Draw. Maybe edit that video. Be productive!”
That’s at least what I told myself until I discovered Skam, thanks to a fan-edit on YouTube. Instead of going to sleep I started watching the first season of this utterly amazing Norwegian TV-series, binge watched the first four or five episodes in one night and totally fell for the concept, characters and story. Straight afterwards I continued with season two which made my love for this show grow even more. Now, one day after finishing season three I am a mess, an emotional wreck, my thoughts keep circling around Skam, I keep looking at pictures, theories and edits which sometimes cause weird allergic reactions in my eyes. So what do I do now after questioning the entire purpose of my existence and ranting on diverse social media accounts?
Exactly, writing down some reasons why you should check out Skam as well.

I am already terrible at picking favourites under any circumstances, but this show makes it even harder. Due to the fact that all of them are so diverse with different traits, flaws and problems they are incredibly authentic and relatable. Additionally the cast is amazing as well, even though they aren’t professional actors they just convey a really realistic vibe that makes the entire show so enjoyable.

Each of the three seasons deals with a lot of interpersonal relationships and the occurring problems which is something I’m not into usually. Skam however managed to grip me, maybe because the plot is kind of realistic. Another big plus is that there are a lot of funny moments and the absolutely adorable characters.

I mentioned them before but let me explain: I don’t even have the right words to describe how much I loved the way they portrayed friendships. On one hand you have this amazing group of girls who are so different but so supportive and kind and loving at the same time. I feel like you often see a stereotypically bitchy friend group where the members secretly envy each other and talk bad about the others behind their backs. You won’t find those here.
Also the main boys group doesn’t fit in the stereotypical picture of men’s friendship. They actually talk about feelings and helpful and supportive which I liked a lot.
As for the romantic relationships, I really appreciated the way they were portrayed as well. The characters had problems, sometimes they managed to solve them, sometimes not, it wasn’t like in a Disney movie and that’s what made it authentic. (Do I need to mention all the new ships I’ve got now?)

Praise, not all the characters are straight, thank you Norway. I liked the way the show handled homosexuality and coming outs. (Spoiler) Isak’s friends are so accepting, especially Jonas doesn’t make a big deal of it and also Mahdi and Magnus don’t really care about their friend’s sexuality anymore.
Can we also just take some time to applaud to Eskild “Don’t Put Yourself Over Pride” Tryggvason? Who helps anyone as best as he can in his own slightly awkward way?

Character development:
Pretty much all the characters change so much in the course of the show, they thrive on the challenges and obstacles they have to overcome. Vilde’s evolution however must be the one I adored the most. Next to William, Isak, Sana or Magnus, for example.

Another aspect that made me become such a huge fan of Skam is the way they toy with prejudices concerning religion. Take Sana as a prime example: Vilde and Isak question her faith in her religion, ask her about why she decides to wear her Hijab all the time or why she believes in Allah even though “she’s such a smart girl”. She defends her point of view in such a logical way and is incredibly funny and badass at the same time.

Believe me, I could go on and on. But I highly doubt that anyone bothered to read this entire eruption of enthusiasm, so let me just sum it up: Skam is amazing, conveys important messages, good values, I actually had the feeling that I could learn something from its characters. Minute by minute.

(By the way, here are some of my immediate, unstructured thoughts after having finished the last episode of season three.)


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