New Year’s Resolutions?

I am actually disgusted by myself – I kind of promised myself that I wouldn’t start writing about my plans, hopes, whatever you want to call it for the new year because it is probably the most cliché post I can think of right now. But here I sit, typing these words anyway, so here we go.

In the past few years I did not really make any resolutions, because I knew I would not be able to keep them and just feel bad about ignoring them. This year I decided to start this entire resolution business off differently. I will not phrase them as duties so they do not feel like necessary evils to me, more like little goals I have always wanted to accomplish. I know that a turn of the years will make me change my whole life, but it might be a nice reason to write them down, to get them off my mind and put them somewhere where I will remember them, just in case I forget about them over the course of stressful, exhausting times.

I present: An utterly unsorted, chaotic list of goals I want to achieve:

  • Draw more often. Get more into it, experiment with other techniques and materials, find my own style.
  • Take more photos, use my camera more often. It’s basically the same as with drawing.
  • Get more into filming and editing. The first projects I’ve done were pretty fun and I want to get better.
  • Pick up creative writing again. I love it so much, writing has been a part of me for so long and it’s such a pity that I barely find the time for it. I also want to get back into my novel and finally finish its correction.
  • Get to know myself better. I feel like the past two years have been really important concerning my personal development, but I need to catch up with the person I became and find out more about them.
  • I also want to learn to love that person, learn to love myself, regardless of my flaws and imperfections. And if I find that I won’t be able to accept them, I will need to change them instead of ignoring and loathing them.
  • Treat myself with more kindness. As I mentioned above, I completely want to come to terms with myself, but to achieve this goal I need to treat myself better than I do sometimes.
  • Read more. Books are so important, there are so many out there just waiting for me to read them, and it is about time that I find them all and indulge myself with their stories.
  • Post more on this blog. Over the course of the past months I realised how much I enjoy blogging and I really want to invest more time.
  • Expand my vocabulary, in every language I know to be able to express myself as good as possible.
  • Say yes more often. I don’t want to miss out on so many chances anymore, so I need to pressure myself into overcoming my introverted self and going outside more often.
  • At the same time I have to learn to say no more often when I need to, even though it might hurt others.
  • Stand up for the things I believe in more often and more fiercely without being afraid of being judged for my opinion.
  • Working out more often and longer. If I want to get fitter and stronger I will actually have to do something about it.
  • Find new music I like.
  • Watch more good films and allow them to inspire me.
  • Get to know more people.
  • Find new ways to pick myself up faster when I’m feeling bad.
  • Procrastinate less so I have more time for creative work.
  • Start wearing the clothes I like, ignoring other people’s opinions.
  • Realize my plans for my future.
  • Eat healthier. Reduce the amount of sugar I consume everyday. For my body’s sake.
  • Reduce my plastic waste. For everybody’s sake.
  • Buy more second-hand clothes.
  • Be nicer to my fellow human beings, we all deserve that.
  • Spend more time in nature, breathe more fresh, enjoy the sounds of the rustling trees and the chirping of birds.
  • Remember to be grateful for everything I’ve got.
  • Be the one to text first or call others. Get rid of that fear of being annoying.
  • Make this year mine, live, experience instead of just survive it. Become comfortable, confident, content, happy, find out who I want to be and become that person. Make a positive impact if possible.

This entire list consists of clichés and standard goals and I am well aware that I will not be able to tick off every item on it, but I will try my best – that is a promise to myself.

I hope your 2016 was okay and that next year will only become better. Stay safe, take care of yourself, do not be too harsh on yourself. You are valid, loved, you matter.


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