dear december

Dear December,

I think it is safe to say that you are a special month for a lot of people, and many of them probably consider you as their favourite one. Regardless of the snow, the cold and the darkness you have got in your trail I have always been fascinated by you as well.
You carry the promise of holidays with you, you make people decorate their homes and the street and they bake different goods to celebrate you. Additionally, you are the last month of the year which makes you a bit more exciting, you know, as soon as you arrive there are only 31 days left of another year and people start making plans and resolutions for the new one, hoping to become a better person.

It might be bold to ask something from you in my position. I’m just one human being of many, and you are so much more, you are so important, so huge, so eternal. But I will do it anyway, even though it is silly, even though it is selfish as there are so many others who would have all the rights to demand something from you, I’d like to ask you for one thing:

Please be better than last year.

Please be better than last year for you were more cruel than anyone had ever been towards me before. Things happened that felt like a slap across my face, like an unbearable burn in your cold wintry realm.
You made me realise how small I am compared to the odds. Can you believe how helpless I felt, December? And you made me realise how grateful even little steps can make a small human being. Believe me, I am still incomprehensibly thankful that you did not let it turn out as bad as it could have been. Thank you, December.

But still, I need to ask you for a favour. All I beg from you is to never make me feel like that again. I don’t need you to be extraordinary, I do not expect you to become the best month of the year or present me with great days.

Dear December, please just be better than last year.

That is all I ask for.

Yours sincerely.


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