a foggy day this autumn

There is no chance that I could deny it any longer, autumn is finally upon us now. When I think of a typical day in autumn I directly imagine cold weather, perpetual rain, a heavy blanket of fog, maybe a cup of tea and fluffy socks to keep myself warm and cozy.

Last Wednesday didn’t fail my expectations. And whereas I’d never leave the house on such a day if I weren’t forced to, the view outside the windows seemed to appealing to let the chance of taking some pictures pass. So I went outside, desperately clutching my camera and an umbrella and learning that focussing and holding the umbrella in place with only two hands is actually quite difficult. I was cold, I bet I looked pretty stupid (I hope my neighbours enjoyed the view), but it was totally worth it.

I didn’t edit any of these shots (except for the watermark, of course).


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