sweden impressions – february 2016

Have I ever talked about my first trip to Sweden?
I don’t think so, and that’s a shame, considering that it was one of the best weeks in 2016 so far.

Now I could write in detail about the places I visited, some streets I walked down, the food I enjoyed, the train journeys, the heave blanket of snow, the people I met, the dogs pulling the sleds, the cold hut without electricity, all the impressions I got and the memories I made.
But I doubt that my words could do justice to this one week that made me fall in love with another place. A place which made me press my face against a train’s window, astonished by its unspoiled nature, which left me gaping at the endless sky illuminated only by stars and its incredible northern lights.


However, I carried my camera around and captured some moments, and after more than half a year I allowed myself to relive some of my memories by piecing together a video, which I decided to share.

Feel free to watch some of the things I saw.

I hope you enjoy it, because I did a lot. I really did.


2 thoughts on “sweden impressions – february 2016

  1. Really beautiful, loved the post and the video (great choice of music as well!)
    Sweden has definitely just gone on my must-visit list 🙂
    Sorry couldn’t like the video, not logged into YouTube at the moment !


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