comfort food

Have I ever complained about winter? I think I did, and now I’m forced to accept that summer has finally left for autumn, and it feels like winter is just around the corner.

And as the days get darker and colder, my mood drops as well, it darkens with less sunrays to light it up again. There are moments when all I want to do is curl up under a blanket, watch YouTube videos non-stop and only leave my toasty fort when the trees grow leaves again instead of losing them.
But the evolution didn’t designate my human body for hibernation, so I have to find another way to escape. And doesn’t food sound like the second-best option to you as well?

Over the years, I found that some recipes seem to have an especially soothing effect on me, which I’ve decided to categorise as comfort food. Sometimes, when I’m not feeling too well I treat myself with some of the following dishes:

  • Rice pudding. Delicious, sticky rice pudding with a dab of molten butter and craploads of sugar and cinnamon. Hiding under a blanket while rewatching an episode of Sherlock and devouring a porition is kind of therapeutic.
  • Pasta. Every kind of pasta with the sauce of choice. Lately, I’ve been in love with a vegan “Mac and Cheese” alternative that doesn’t taste like actual cheese but absolutely heavenly anyways, so I’m happy I discovered that one, but a tomato sauce with lentils is just as fine.
  • Toast with cream cheese and cheese and hot peppers, grilled and best enjoyed warm. Not very healthy, but very comforting.
  • Salad is actually great, too. You can go for the classic lettuce option, of course, but I personally like to chuck tasty stuff together, put a dressing over it and call it salad. So if you’re feeling bad about everything else, you can at least pretend to eat healthy food.
  • As the cold season is approaching, soups are nice to warm your bones and icecold soul. It’s pretty similar to salad – potatoes, garlic, pumpkins, it makes no difference to me.

Just eating a piece (or a row (or a bar)) of chocolate or drinking a cup of hot chocolate or tea is nice as well, but the proceess of preparing food and looking forward to finally eating it is an additional help for me, and I do curl up under a blanket and waste time on YouTube, but I “come back” after some time, so it’s okay.

What do you do when you’re not feeling particularily okay? What is your favourite food on bad days? Do you enjoy autumn and winter and have to cheer yourself up when spring arrives?
Please let me know.

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