you’re here

I love music.
What a surprise, who doesn’t? But that’s not the topic I’d like to address today. I wanted to use this wonderful Monday to tell you about my love for Mhokomo.

In the glorious summer of 2014 I discovered Fewjar and learned to adore their music, their music videos and their YouTube channel. And sometime last year one member announced that he and a friend of his started a side project and that they were working on an album. Mhokomo was born and I was extremely excited for music to listen to.


Fast-forward to July 2016, Berlin-based artists Andre Moghimi and Jakob Joiko released their debut album “You’re here”, and I, being the victim of our consumer society, ordered this beautiful piece of art. I remember feeling like a proud parent when I held the album finally in my hands.


The same evening, I grabbed my trusty CD-player and listened to it for the first time. My first thought after the last song was “AGAIN!”, so I pressed the replay button and didn’t regret it – for various reasons:

• The songs definitely have a theme, the album doesn’t sound like an unstructured mess, but they don’t sound too alike, thus meaning that listening to is neither boring nor annoying.
• I personally enjoy Mhokomo’s musical style a lot, they found a perfect balance between instrumental and electronic elements which sounds interesting, fresh, not “too mainstream”, but not “too alternative” either.
• Jako’s voice. Do I really need to say more about that? It was one of the reasons why I loved listening to Fewjar already two years ago, and it sounds as amazing on You’re here as on the other albums. However, I dare say that his voice sounds especially soothing this time, which makes listening to the album an incredibly comforting experience for me.


Believe me, I could write more paragraphs about why I’d always buy You’re here again, if I was only able to put those feelings in words. I know that this isn’t a professional review analyzing the quality of the album after expert’s standards, but I never wanted it to be like that.

All I intended to do was telling you that I absolutely love Mhokomo’s debut opus, that I can’t pick a favourite song because every single one of them touches me in some way and that I can only recommend checking the album out, because it means a lot to me.


(They also have a Facebook page, a website and there are different places to purchase their music, but I’m too lazy to collect all those links tbh.)


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