Okay, first of all – I’ve neglected this blog for far too long and I’m feeling like a bad person for it. But that’s the reason I’m writing this post: a collection of bad excuses for myself and the promise to write more frequently in the future. (But let’s be honest, I know myself, so … More motivation


What if unicorns had existed in the past and we just haven’t found any signs yet? What if fairies lived in the forests and we just haven’t met one yet? What if rabbits and foxes got along well with each other regardless of race and species and we are just too blind to realize it?

I hate winter

Hi. Let’s get that out of the way first, before I actually start with that post: I’m not a person of many talents, but complaining is definitely one of them. One of my other talents is spending way too much time on my phone, scrolling my Instagram or Tumblr feed. While enjoying my procrastination spree I’ve … More I hate winter