Sometimes I am truly amazed by all the possibilities the internet provides us with, provides me with. One example is this exact blog you are reading. I have the space to whack out my thoughts, ideas, photos, plans, whatsoever. And there are people who look at it, people who notice that there’s someone else out there, writing down what they are thinking, people who witness this blog’s existence.

The internet is huge, apparently without any boundaries, there are countless social media platforms with gigantic numbers of users.
According to Twitter, there are 313M active users each month, Instagram numbers more than 500M users, and Facebook even 1650M.
These numbers are insane, and they are just about three popular websites.

And theoretically we could interact with all of them.
We can share ideas, dreams, creations, stories. We can find others whose ideas, dreams, creations and stories we’d like to discover.

How often have you been told that young people spend all their time in front of screens, waste their lives on the internet and aren’t able to communicate in real life? I’ve been told, for sure. And no matter how true these statements might be, I won’t neglect the positive aspects of this “connection”.
People I’ve never seen in real life, people whose faces I don’t know and never will have introduced me to so many great things.
Books, shows, bands. But they have also shown me new ways of looking at things, such as body positivity, equality, feminism, topics I’ve never really thought about before.

Would you consider that a negative effect of my usage? I definitely don’t, and I won’t stop using that opportunity.


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