new food

Do you know that feeling when you’re kind of hungry, but not sure what you want? When every food you think of just doesn’t meet your wishes?
Well, I do, and I know that it might be an example of a first world problem, but I didn’t come here to complain about not knowing what to eat.

I came to appreciate.

As a result of my ridiculous “dinner Dilemma” I rummaged through some online cook books, looking for inspiration. Eventually I found a recipe which sounded nice to me, so I started cooking.

Fast-forward to me having the first bite of my supper. I don’t exaggerate anything by saying that my taste buds were dancing. My quickly prepared meal of potatoes, peppers, garlic, gyros seasoning and feta was delicious.
And it reminded me of a feeling I adore so much. The feeling of accomplishing something, of doing something that I’m happy with, the taste of something I didn’t know before, but a taste I’d love to taste again. Enjoying food and cooking as something fun without feeling guilty for it.

A reminder that trying new things is oftentimes positives, a lesson I should apply to my daily life.


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