daily life heroes

That’s what I call people I maybe don’t even know and will never see again, but who improve my day without even knowing it by doing little things one might consider natural.
Holding a door for me. Offering me a seat in a crowded bus. Stepping aside so I can go past them. Smiling at me on a Monday morning. Stopping the bus when the driver wants to set off while I am still running towards it, so I can still catch it.

I just want to write about two examples, to commemorate them, because I need a space to thank them.

The first incident happened on a convinient morning, I was on my way to school, standing in a crammed tram, it was too cold outside and too hot inside, with all those people sweating in their jackets. So we were approaching a stop, and this guy next to me noticed that the wires of some girl’s headphones were caught in another man’s backpack. He saw it, and he disentangled them. Neither of the two noticed it, the girl left the tram and life went on.
Nothing tragic would have happened if the guy hadn’t acted the way he did, of course. Maybe the girl’s headphones would have been pulled out of her ears when she got out, but that would have been the most tragic result.
The next stop was the one I had to take. The tram was still crowded, and there were people blocking the doors, people who didn’t notice me. But that guy was, and before I could do something, he drew their attention on the fact that there was a short adolescent who struggled to get off.
I could have asked them let me through on my own, but he noticed me and decided to help me.
And that made my day. This stranger made my whole morning better by doing something for two unfamiliar people without expecting something for it in return.

The second incident took place about one year later. I was on holiday with a friend, in a foreign country, in a busy trainstation, with loads of people rushing to their destinations around us, everyone in a hurry. We were standing somewhere in the middle, too early for our train. Due to the cold weather, we didn’t want to wait outside, so we were standing in the middle of the crowded hall.
And suddenly, I got a nosebleed. Slightly stressed, we both searched our luggage and jackets for some tissues, when this young woman stoppen next to us, in the middle of the crammed station, and handed me a packet of tissues, signed me to keep them, and hurried off.
Again, the thing that made me so happy about this whole incident was that she had noticed me and helped me out. Nobody had forced her, I couldn’t return the favour, but she did it anyway.

In these moments I desperatley hope for Karma. I hope that the universe keeps a record for those people, so that something positive happens to them in return, that someone makes their day, just like they improved mine.
I try to remember these people when I go outside, I try to keep my eyes open to see if I can do something similar for people surrounding me, to pass on the positivity I received.

Because I feel like that’s something we all should do.


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