I am afraid of changes. Don’t get me wrong here, I do not necessarily fear the changes other people might undergo – if anyone wants to change anything about their physical appearance, attitude or life in general, they should go for it. As long as it doesn’t affect me in a negative way, I don’t … More change


I believe I started painting these at the beginning of this spring, mainly because I wanted to try a new style and practice using watercolours. They turned out quite cute, so I thought it would be a shame to let them rot in a dusty drawer. Eventually I decided to take photos of them in appropriate … More crossover

the wolf [WIP]

I thought trying out dotwork could be a fun idea. It is, but quite exhausting after three animal heads. Anyways, as I like the results I don’t regret spending quite a lot of time on them. This time I’ve captured some steps. (how exciting)        


Sometimes I am truly amazed by all the possibilities the internet provides us with, provides me with. One example is this exact blog you are reading. I have the space to whack out my thoughts, ideas, photos, plans, whatsoever. And there are people who look at it, people who notice that there’s someone else out … More connected

new food

Do you know that feeling when you’re kind of hungry, but not sure what you want? When every food you think of just doesn’t meet your wishes? Well, I do, and I know that it might be an example of a first world problem, but I didn’t come here to complain about not knowing what to … More new food

daily life heroes

That’s what I call people I maybe don’t even know and will never see again, but who improve my day without even knowing it by doing little things one might consider natural. Holding a door for me. Offering me a seat in a crowded bus. Stepping aside so I can go past them. Smiling at … More daily life heroes