happy pride month

First of all: a happy sort of belated Pride Month to all of you. Secondly: I am so sorry, disappointed and frustrated that Pride Month still has to be a thing. Because it shouldn’t be. Not in the 21st century. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that at least some countries have come as … More happy pride month

writing down thoughts

About six months ago, I started keeping a diary. Just like probably everyone, I had done this during my early childhood but had never pursued it continuously, so there are only a few entries witnessing the embarrassing thoughts of growing-up-me. However, as I got older, I had started scribbling down various thoughts crossing my mind … More writing down thoughts

a love letter

While I keep longing for the sun, waiting for her to caress me with her comforting rays, I forget that she is so out of my league. She is beautiful beyond a doubt, but in such a cruel way, burning me whenever I try to comprehend her irresistible grace with my own eyes. And while … More a love letter

unskippable ♫

Sometimes while listening to music I just don’t seem to find the right song for my mood and I end up skipping a ridiculous amount of numbers in my library. However, there are a couple of them which I could always listen to, which always appear to fit. Being the indecisive person I am I can’t pick favourites, … More unskippable ♫


One year ago I made the best decision concerning my nutrition so far – I decided to go vegetarian. I haven’t eaten meat in a year and I don’t miss or regret anything about it. After I had been toying with the thought for a while I decided to give vegetarianism a week, to check if … More vegetarian


Here’s a confession – I’m a horrible sweets junkie, a chocolate addict, a cookie fanatic, a cake enthusiast. My sweet tooth is ridiculously distinctive and I need my daily dose of sugar to function. That’s why I want to go without sweets for the next 40 days. Choosing the season of Lent doesn’t have a religious … More chocolent


I remember myself optimistically planning to write more on here, and now look at me, I’m less productive than ever before and feel guilty about it, but instead of blogging again I just keep suppressing these thoughts. So what happened? I probably sound way too dramatic here, especially because I don’t have an explanation for … More procrastination